SOLD Pololia


No. 196

This incredible new build is made with ancient materials from Tasmania and New Zealand. 

The ancient Kauri top is examined as dating back 45,000 years in age. "Kauri soundboard was recently harvested from a peat bog in NZ.  Not only is this wood light and very responsive but gives a beautiful tone and has a unique gold hue.

The back and side are made with a wood that is the Grandpa to Koa. It dates back as far as 3,000 year old and is referred to as; Tasmania Blackwood. Tasmania Blackwood has a very similar figure and tone in comparison to koa. When it comes to looks, it has a bit of a darker richer color and hue than most koa chocolate. This compliments the ancient Kauri very well. 

Ebony was used as the fretboard, bridge and head plate. The inlay was inspired by the ancient materials used in this tenor.

“Pololia,” is the Hawaiian word for jellyfish. These inlays are a  hand cut variety of the mother of pearls white pearl, gold pearl, black pearl and awabi pearl. 

It has a low action on the neck and a soft bevel around the whole body, making it overall very comfortable to play and hold.

This custom tenor has round, warm tones and sustaining clarity.

Together these woods with our craftsmanship make for an amazing sounding ukulele! Many of hours went into this piece of functional art and it’s waiting to have a new home.


Top: Ancient Kauri

Back & Sides: Ancient Blackwood

Neck: Mahogany

Bevel: Kauri

Bridge & Fretboard: Ebony

Inlays: All the mother of pearl :)

Tuners: Pearl/Black Gotoh UPT

Strings: Uke Logic High Tension (Low G)

Finish: Walrus Oil Furniture Butter

Case: Fiberglass Crossrock 



Total Scale Length: 17 5/8”/44.76cm

Body Length: 12”/30.48cm

Overall length: 27 3/4”/70.48cm

Nut Width: 1 7/16 ”/3.65

Lower Bout Width: 10”/25.4cm

Upper Bout Width: 7”/17.78cm

Lower Bout Depth: 3.75”/9.52cm

Upper Bout Depth: 3.25”/8.25cm

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