Slimline Soprano



Eric Lundholm, a new addition to the TYDE team, built two koa and cherry sopranos.

Both are one of kind and are the perfect new addition to any individual person or family.

This durable slimline is not only a beauty in sound, and looks but is also easy to take on any adventure.

Materials & Build: 

Wood~   Koa (soundboard), Cherry (back, sides & neck) and Ebony (fretboard, bridge and 3 dot signature).

Inlay ~ Ebony 3 dot w/ Abalone fret markers

Strings ~ Romaro high G

Tuner~ Graft tech ratio tuners

Scale ~ 13” 9/16

Soft 3/8 Bevel ~ top & back

Front sound hole only


Visit our Instagram page @TYDEMUSIC for a video & sound sample.

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