NO. 217


Myrtle Tenor

The combination of Myrtle wood and Pau Ferro is known to produce a warm and balanced sound. The Myrtle wood is known for its clarity and sustain, while Pau Ferro adds depth and richness to the overall look and tone. Plus, the tenor size gives you a bit more room to play with on the fretboard while still maintaining a compact size for easy portability.

Happy Strumming!


Top Soundboard: Myrtle
Back & Sides: Myrtle
Neck: Mahogany
Soft Bevel: Pau Ferro
Bridge & Fretboard: Pau Ferro
Fret Markers & Inlays: White Pearl/ Pau Ferro
Turners: Gotoh UPT
Strings: Uke Logic (Low G)
Finish: Walrus Oil
Case: Crossrock


Scale Length: 17” 5/8
Body Length: 12”
Overall Length: 26” ¾
Nut Width: 1” 7/16
Lower Bout Width: 10”
Lower Bout Depth: 3” 3/4
Upper Bout Width: 7”
Upper Bout Depth: 3” 1/4

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