"Ghost Face"


"Ghost Face" Big Body Tenor Ukulele

TYDE strives by using the beauty nature has naturally created for the sound holes. Being self taught luthiers and non traditionalist has made us really stand out in the ukulele community. When we receive sets of wood like our ‘Ghost Face’ the shape and size is already drawn on showing us how the piece was thought to be used. With all clean wood, we decide to do the opposite of what is given to us by then flipping it around to see if we can make the soundboard work with its natural scars. 

This tenor is light weight, has low action with the zero fret and is very comfortable to play with the soft bevel. It's a one of a kind tenor that sounds amazing, looks uniquely beautiful, feels great and is rich in history. Add this to your quiver and you will not be disappointed. 


This tenor has abundantly warm tones with beautiful clarity and sustain.  The top is Sitka spruce and the back and sides are an exotic Kekatong from Indonesia. This instrument also comes with a side sound port on the lower bout for nice projection to the players ear. It has rare ebony with light streaks in the faceplate and fretboard. For the inlay and fret markers we used fossilized walrus tusk that is over 10,000 years old. 

The piece of Sitka spruce (used as our top) was reclaimed by Alaska Specialty Woods. https://alaskawoods.com 

From Southern Alaska, this piece of wood in it's previous life was a float log that was used for a "Floating Home". The holes were made from a creature of the sea called a Teredo worm (which is actually a type of clam).  

This instrument comes with a hard case.


Aloha ~ TYDE 


Size ~ Big Body Tenor

Scale ~ 17 5/8 w/ zero fret

Wood ~ Kekatong (back and sides), Alaskan Sitka spruce (sound board), ebony (fretboard, bridge and head plate) and mahogany neck.

Inlay ~ Fossilized walrus tusk 3 dot and fret markers.

Soft 3/8 Bevel ~ Top & back

Side soundport ~ Yes

Strings ~ Romaro low G tenor

Tuner ~ Black Gotoh UPT

Case ~ Crossrock Hardshell Fiberglass 


Optional  Add-ons: 

Pick Up

Strap Buttons


*Please inquire about add-ons for installation & price as soon as purchased*



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