Tohito - Tenor Ukulele (SOLD)


'Tohito’ is a one of a kind Custom Ukulele. This BIG body tenor is made with ancient Kauri wood from the north island of New Zealand. This prehistoric wood wasn’t easy to work with but the final product turned out flawless; fretboard, binding, bridge, headstock and pick guard are made with solid Ebony. This unique instrument has a nice full, warm sound with great sustain. Here is a little info from Wikipedia on the ancient material used in this build.   Swamp kauri, sometimes marketed as "ancient kauri", are prehistoric kauri trees , buried and preserved in a peat bog up to 50,000 years ago in New Zealand's North Island. Buried under a peat swamp by an unexplained act of nature at the end of the last Ice Age, the trees have survived the centuries underground, sealed in a chemically balanced environment that has preserved the timber in perfect condition.

Size: Big Body Tenor
Scale: 17 5/8", 1 1/2" nut
Headstock Veneer: Ebony w/3 dot pear inlay
Binding: Ebony
Side Sound Port: Oval sound port 
Tuners: Peghead 4:1 gear
Fretboard: Flat, Ebony and Evo gold frets
Strings: Pepe Romero low G

Case: GruvGear Gigblade

Category: Custom Ukulele

Type: Tenor Ukulele

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