Guilele "Apache"


6 stringed hybrid with a baritone body, makes a great travel guitar. Tuning is in the key of A, like having a capo on the fifth fret your guitar. This wonderful sounding instrument is constructed with salvaged walnut for the sound board and back. Myrtle sides, fretboard, neck, headstock, bridge, arm rest, bevel and rosette.
Scale: 17 7/8
Headstock Veneer: Spalted Myrtle with ebony 3 Dot inlay
Bevels: Myrtle Soft Bevel w/ Spalted Armrest
Side Sound Port: Single Oval
Tuners: Peghead 4:1 gear
Strings: Classical Ernie Ball
Rosette: Sunburst Mosaic, Spalted Myrtle 
Radius Fretboard: Yes, walnut fret markers

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