Claro Pocket


Pocket Slimline

Our smallest of ukuleles, surprisingly this little instrument packs a punch.  All solid woods and the easiest to travel with. With a short scale you can tune to GCEA or what we like to tune it too; up one step to Canadian tuning ADF#B.  It’s up to you, we just like a little more string tension. 


Top Soundboard & Headplate: Claro Walnut
Fretboard: Mahogany
Bridge: Mahogany
Fret Markers: Pearl
Signature Inlay: Pearl
Turners: Graft Tech
Strings:  (Low G)


Scale Length: 12” 3/32
Body Length: 7” 3/8
Overall Length: 18.5”
Nut Width: 1” 7/16
Lower Bout Width: 5”
Lower Bout Depth: 1” ¾
Upper Bout Width: 4”
Upper Bout Depth: 1” ¾ 

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