'Stitch' Tenor Ukulele


'Stitch' Big Body Tenor is made with figured koa sides and back; 100 year old sinker redwood soundboard from the northern California coast;. Random stitch inlay throughout on the fretboard, rosette, end graft and headstock. This unique instrument has a nice full, warm sound with great sustain. The soft body bevel of figured koa adds comfort for those long strumming sessions.

Size: Big Body Tenor
Scale: 17" 5/8
Headstock Veneer: Rosewood with Myrtle Inlay
Bevels: Koa Soft Bevel (soundboard and back)
Side Sound Port: Oval sound port
Tuners: Peg Head 4:1
Fretboard: Rosewood with Myrtle, Flat 
Strings: Daddario w/ Freemont Low G

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