“Gremlin” No. 183


“Gremlin” No. 183


 The Spalted Mango Baritone Ukulele stands as a testament to masterful craftsmanship and innovative design, blurring the lines between musical instrument and art piece. At first glance, what captures the eye is the full 3/4 bevel that wraps around the entire body of the ukulele. This unique feature not only adds an aesthetic edge, making the instrument resemble a finely sculpted artifact, but it also enhances sound and the playing experience. The bevel provides a comfort to the player, ensuring the edges do not dig into the forearm, allowing for extended play without discomfort. This thoughtful design element invites musicians to lose themselves in the music, connecting with the instrument on a more intimate level.

The choice of Spalted Mango for the body is not merely for its striking appearance, with its intricate patterns and color variations, but also for its tonal qualities. Spalted Mango wood offers a warm, rich sound with excellent sustain, making it a coveted material for ukulele construction. It lends the baritone ukulele a mellow, resonant tone that's deeper and fuller than its soprano concert and tenor counterparts, perfectly complementing the baritone's tuning and range.

Adding to its unique charm is the Bubinga fretboard, known for its durability and fine texture, which ensures smooth playability and a bright, responsive sound. But it's the whimsical touch of the "Gizmo" from the Gremlins movie marking the 12th fret that truly sets this instrument apart, offering a nod to pop culture that will delight fans and spark conversations. The spalted mango figure spoke to us naming this instrument hints “Gremlin” This playful detail not only serves as a functional fret marker but also infuses the instrument with personality.  “Gremlin” is more than just a musical instrument; it's a piece of playable art that inspires creativity and joy in both the musician and the audience.



Top Soundboard: Spalted Mango

Headplate: Spalted Mango

Sides & Neck: Mango

Back: Mango

Fretboard: Bubinga

Bridge: Bubinga

Full 3/4 Heavy Bevel: Cherry

Fret Markers: Mango

Signature Inlay: Blood wood

12th Gizmo inlay: Mango and Walnut

Turners: Gotoh UPT (Gold)

Strings: Bean Sprout Baritone

Case: Custom TYDE Amaritage



Scale Length: 20” 1/8

Body Length: 14”

Overall Length: 31”

Nut Width: 1” 3/8

Lower Bout Width: 11” 3/4

Lower Bout Depth: 3”

Upper Bout Width: 8” 1/4

Upper Bout Depth: 2” 1/2



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