About Us

TYDE Music was born on the North Shore of beautiful Lake Tahoe. It was founded in 2010 by self taught luthiers Tyler Joersz and Devin Price.

Pronounced "Tide" the company name is a collaboration of the founders names. (Ty) ler and (De) vin = TYDE.

Both apprenticed under master woodworker and founder of Roundwood Furniture, Cline.

A trip to Hawaii and the love of music is what inspired friends, Tyler and Devin; to take the furniture cutoffs from Roundwood Furniture to build their first ukuleles. This is when the self teaching of building instruments began and then the sister company TYDE Music was born.

The company started small only building ukuleles, and once were confident and comfortable; started moving on up to other instruments as well. They now they currently make ukuleles, guitaleles, cajon drums, didgeridoos and other music accessories. Innovation, creativity and a non-traditional approach allow them to build great sounding, gorgeous, and comfortable instruments to travel with ease.

TYDE Music has an appreciation for wood, and understand it is a major life source to our planet. While they do use exotic woods, they prefer to use local, reclaimed, and sustainable woods in their instruments. While looking to reduce waste, they look for contractors that have materials from remodels. As for themselves they look to salvage materials from landfills, furniture scraps, and even local piers and docks. Sometimes when customers place an order for a ukulele, the customers have salvaged or left over pieces of wood that they ask to be reused in their instrument, this is something TYDE gets excited about to use. 

Music truly can make the world a better place in so many different ways. It has become a great passion of theirs to build musical instruments, and share their talent with the world. To build a beautiful and great sounding instrument is what it means to live within art, music and history.


Three Dot Studios is an artists collective incorporating sister companies Roundwood Furniture and TYDE Music. It is a signature of quality and artistry started by Cline, Founder of Roundwood Furniture, and means that the project is held to a very high standard from sourcing to design to finish. Visit www.threedotsudios.com

Meet The Owners

Tyler Joersz

Tyler was born and raised in Sandpoint, ID and has lived in Lake Tahoe since 2007. Tyler started home building in 2005 and worked in Montana and California until 2008 when he met Cline, owner of Roundwood Furniture. This brought to life a whole new world for Tyler. He never thought he would one day be building instruments instead of houses. Music and art has always been something he held sacred to him and being able to build art that creates music itself was now also something sacred to him.



Devin Price

Devin grew up in the countryside in North Idaho. He was first introduced into playing music when his younger brother & him started playing violin at a young age. They both participated in The Fiddler's Hatchery which was a violin group for kids. Later he picked up the trumpet and played in the high school jazz band. As he got older he became more interested in singing, other genres of music and other instruments. While guitar had his interest, he felt his fingers were little too bulky for the instrument. In 2010 on a family trip to Hawaii his father and him bought their first ukuleles and fell in love with the instrument. It was the perfect instrument for him.

Aside from the music Devin's dad taught him woodworking and that was able to get him his first job building homes in Idaho. Once he went to college he took a break from woodworking. After college Devin found himself building homes again. This is where he met Cline; the owner of Roundwood Furniture. Cline is the mentor that showed him that you could turn woodworking into art which gave Devin a whole new outlook on the craft. With the spark of an idea to build a ukulele just to hang on the wall, he wanted to start his new journey with his good friend Tyler. 

For Devin, building instruments has now become a life long passion that brings so much joy to him. Having the freedom to create without constraints and taking a non-traditional route has been a dream. 

At present Devin is part owner in TYDE Music with his partner Tyler, and they have owned this company since 2012. 

In his personal life, Devin enjoys getting outdoors with his family. You can find them at the lake, on bike rides, skiing, along with many other activities. 

Playing ukulele under his apple tree is his favorite place to play.


Meet The Crew



Evan Stern

I was born, raised and have been living in the Reno and Tahoe region my entire life. At 8 years old, I started my musical journey on the violin.  After 3 years of violin, I switched to the cello and have been playing ever since.  Years later while attending the University of Nevada, Reno as a music major I learned how to play the bass as well as classical guitar. In 2013 I began my journey into the world of the ukulele. One year I was working at the Reno Ukulele festival as a volunteer. This is how I first met Devin and Tyler, Tyde. Their instruments really pulled me in and I was drawn to the ukuleles they created because they were so different than the others being offered at this Festival. Being able to work with them to create unique instruments has been an absolutely amazing experience. 

Aside from building instruments, I teach private and group music lessons, which I've been doing for over 20 years. I play music professionally as a soloist or with my trio for events and in schools and libraries. I'm also the principal bass player for the Carson city symphony. When I'm not building ukuleles, teaching, or making music, I enjoy going on adventures with my wife, blacksmithing, jewelry casting, making chainmail, or playing video games. 


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