TYDE Dealers

At TYDE we work with a couple different stockists where you can also find our one of a kind ukuleles. These companies we have known and worked with for a couple of years and some of them are newer.  If you can't find any available ukuleles you want on our site, you can always check with them to see If they have anything of ours currently in stock. 


The Ukulele Site

The Ukulele Site is a company out of Haleiwa, HI and sell some of the most ukuleles worldwide. Though they have a small Ohana they are extremely experienced in the instruments they sell and in music world. They carry a small selection of our one of kind custom ukuleles. 


Fish Taco 


Slimline Tenor

Joshua Tree Tenor

Uke Like The Pros

Uke Like The Pros is a company out of San Diego, CA. They have partnered with us and a top music retailer that specializes in ukuleles, baritones, guitars, and all your accessory needs. They carry a small selection of our instruments on their online shop.  

Tyde Music Custom Tenor Ukulele Stunning Rainbow Poplar "Bifrost"





Tyde Music Custom Baritone Ukulele Stunning Spalted Mango "Gremlin"