Blackwood Slimline Tenor


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This tenor cutaway ukulele, a prized instrument among musicians for its rich sound and comfortable size, reaches an unparalleled level of artistry when crafted through the harmonious blend of technology and traditional handcraftsmanship. Utilizing cherry wood, known for its warm tone and aesthetic appeal, as the foundational material, the instrument promises a sonic experience that is both deep and resonant. However, it is the addition of 5-star Tasmanian Blackwood that elevates this ukulele into a class of its own. Tasmanian Blackwood, often considered the grandpa to the revered Koa wood, shares a similar tonal quality with its Hawaiian counterpart. Its use not only pays homage to the traditional sounds of the ukulele but also introduces a unique timbre that is both rich and nuanced, making each strum a testament to its premium craftsmanship.

The marriage of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) precision with meticulous handcrafting techniques ensures that every curve and strumming surface of the ukulele is executed to perfection. CNC machining allows for an unparalleled level of accuracy in the instrument's construction, ensuring that each component fits flawlessly with the next. This precision is complemented by the handcrafted finishing touches that imbue the instrument with a sense of individuality and soul. The craftsman's touch is evident in the smooth finish, the seamless assembly, and the care with which the materials are selected and shaped.

Adding to the ukulele's charm is the exquisite inlay work that adorns its 12th fret—a touch of abalone and gold pearl fashioned into a turtle shell design. This intricate detail not only serves as a visually striking marker but also embodies the spirit of the ocean that is so closely tied to the ukulele's origins. The contrast of the lustrous inlay against the rich backdrop of cherry and Tasmanian Blackwood creates a visual and tactile experience that is both luxurious and inviting. This tenor ukulele, with its blend of exceptional materials, craftsmanship, and artistic detail, is not just a musical instrument but a piece of art that stands as a testament to the beauty of merging tradition with modern innovation.


Top Soundboard: Tasmanian Blackwood

Headplate: Tasmanian Blackwood

Sides & Neck: Cherry

Back: Tasmanian Blackwood

Fretboard: Ebony

Bridge: Ebony

Fret Markers: Gold Pearl

Signature Inlay/12th Fret Turtle Shell: Abalone & Gold Pearl

Turners: Gotoh UPT

Strings: Uke Logic (Low G)

Case: Uke Crazy



Scale Length: 17” 3/32

Body Length: 12”

Overall Length: 26” ¾

Nut Width: 1” 7/16

Lower Bout Width: 9” ½

Lower Bout Depth: 1” 5/8

Upper Bout Width: 7”

Upper Bout Depth: 1” 5/8



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