Hand Painted Beat Block


The Beat Block is an acoustic amplifier that enriches and gives depth to the natural sound of your iPhone; without the need for a battery, electric plug in or bluetooth. 

This creation is made with bamboo and alder wood. Aside from being just a speaker, it's a great alternative in place of a stand, tripod for your phone or tablet. They are extremely durable, and easy to put in your travel bag. This also means they can take and with stand abuse from water, weather, and impact; within reason. They are great for beach trips, camping, backpacking, and more. As a tripod they are great for cooking, learning songs, watching videos and amplifying the alarm clock set on your phone. You can also use them as a tripod for  displaying cards, printed photos, art prints, and more.

Go green in a unique style and satisfy your techie appetite at the same time.


Fits: Most smart phones and tablets with a speaker placed on the bottom. Slimmer cases are recommended

Examples: iPhones (6, 6+, 7, 8, 8+, X, SE, 11, 12, etc). Could fit most modern androids as long as it has a speaker on the bottom right and is a slim fit. For tablets and iPads, would recommend a smaller and slim version with the a speaker also placed on the bottom edge vs front or back facing.

Dimensions: 5" long x 2" tall Channel slot 7/16" width. 

*If you have a thicker phone or case (Ex: Otter Box) you can request a 5/8" width slot by request. Please contact us prior to purchasing. *


Materials: Hand painted Bamboo face plate, alder sound block and walrus oil finish. 

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